Though the process is rather uncomfortable, it is worthwhile and priceless when I am able to wear my old pair of jeans (prior to my pregnancy). The massage was great and it helped to relax the body and mind. Would recommend to my friends :)
I have tired the post natal body wrap by Bobo for my first baby. The result Is impressive which I had turned back to my pre-natal weight after 2.5 months. My colleagues were amazed on the first day after my maternity leave.
With the second pregnancy, my tummy obviously gets much bigger with many stretch marks. I was really worried and ask Bobo for a 10-day wrap again. Luckily, my waist line has been back after the 3rd day of wrapping. I enjoy the massage very much which helps to diminish my post-natal 'water bloating'. It also releases my back and shoulder pain due to breast-feeding.
Thanks to Bobo who helps me to build up my confidence again before returning to work. I'll keep doing exercise so to shape up my body.
I had the Jamu massage and wrap for 10 days, 11 weeks post partum, after my third child. Mabel (the lady who came) was lovely, and really very good. Not only did it shrink my belly and hips, but it made them look a lot nicer too. I have also been seeing a physio, who was also impressed with the results, as it has helped to close my abdominal separation. I would highly recommend the service.
Bobo was wonderful and did a great job binding my post-baby tummy after the arrival of my son im January. I was extremely self-conscious at the time but she was caring, attentive and supportive throughout the whole process and made sure that I was comfortable while achieving results. She has a lot of experience, is results-driven and will always do her best to help you restore your pre-baby body. I must admit that it wasn’t easy keeping the bandages on for so long but in the end it was worth it as I saw a significant difference after each session. I have recommended Bobo to many of my friends and will definitely get in touch when I have my next baby!
A very effective treatment which helped me fit back into my per-pregnancy jeans after two days!Thanks a lot!

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