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Q1. What should I do after I make a booking?

Simply keep us informed after you deliver and we will advise you when to start your sessions.
Call or Whatsapp us at (852) 62-479-479.

Q2. How often is the treatment done?

Session are done everyday (mon to sat) except Sun and Public holidays. This is to ensure maximum effectiveness of the whole course of treatments.

Q3. When must I make the deposit and balance payment?

Please pay $500 deposit after making appointment. Half payment is payable by cash on the 2nd day.
and the balance payment will settle on the 5th day.

Q5. When can i start the massage after delivery?

For natural delivery, you may start the session at least from 7 days after delivery. For caesarean delivery, you may start session at least 4 weeks depending on the recovery of your wound.

Q6. How long must i put the binder on?

We recommend you to wear the binder for at least 6-10 hours but should you feel uncomfortable at any time, we suggest you to take off and wash the area clean.

Q7. Must i continue to use a binder even after my package is over?

Yes. We encourage you to wear the binder everyday even after completion of your sessions. This is to help maximum the effectiveness of your sessions and to get back in shape faster.

Q8. I gave birth 2 months ago , is the postnatal massage still effective?

Yes. Postnatal massage is most effective during the 1st two months after delivery.

Q9. I experience some blood clots discharge after massage, is it normal?

Yes. For postnatal massage, one of the benefit is to help to get rid of the remaining blood clots after delivery. If you experience heavy bleeding, please consult your doctor.

Q10. I am breastfeeding, is it safe to do a postnatal massage?

Yes. Postnatal massage is most effective during the 1st two months after delivery.

Q11. I break wind many times after the massage session. Is it normal?

Yes. Postnatal massage helps to get rid of trapped wind and it is good if you experience this.

Q12. I have sensitive skin, can i still do the massage?

Yes. We are using massage oil blend infused with high quality pure essential oil such as Lemongrass , Lavender. It is suitable for all skin types and sensitive skin . Should you prefer to use your own massage oil, kindly inform us.

Q13. What is the difference between Jamu postnatal massage and Traditional Massage?

Jamu Postnatal Massage is specially designed for mothers after delivery. The techniques, pressure and Jamu herbs used are specially catered for postnatal. Traditional massage is a regular oil massage suitable for maintaining a healthy lymphatic system.

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