Who we are

Our therapists: BoBo , Jamie , Jodie have been experts of massage industry for 10years.

Their famous treatments are body massage, lymphatic drainage, prenatal and postnatal massage.

We learned jamu massage from an elder in Indonesia(an Indonesian man named EMMA) This treatment can help the mother after gave birth to children to restore their prenatal posture abdomen, edema quickly and effectively.

Our niece Grace, gave birth two months ago. She is still fat and weak,so we found Emma to help her do the Jamu Massage.
After a day, the lower abdomen was a lot thinner, edema was also significantly decreased!
After ten days treatment, niece has returned prenatal posture, abdomen, buttocks and thighs were much slimmer! The treatment was very effective and magical.

So we learn this skill from Emma and we bring it to Hong Kong, Singapore, Macau.
In the past few years, we received positive feedback from our customers.
They were all satisfied with the results and recommended it to their family members and friends.

Three of us decided to build this website. We hope more mothers after giving birth to their kids can enjoy high-quality massage and post-natal care at home, and be beautiful, confident.

Our Treatments

We provide the most professional post-natal massage for you. We generally have Jamu post-natal Slim body lymphatic drainage massage treatments & professional massage treatments.